The Diabetes Cure!
Cool Off Inflammation turn off diabetes!

But it’s not just food. Inflammation can be caused by what’s in your home (chemicals and mold) and your yard (pesticides, pollutants, and toxins), prescription drugs, too little or too much exercise, stress, carrying excess weight on your body, and lack of the right kind of sleep or even enough sunlight.

When your body is exposed to any one of these sources, the result is inflammation. It’s like a fire burning within you that disrupts many aspects of your health, from your kidneys to your nervous system to your thyroid and more. Your immune system remains off balance and you can develop the worst nagging diabetes symptoms: insulin problems, pain, fatigue, numbness, and fever.

The solution to combat painful inflammation is in The Diabetes Cure. Dr. Alexa Fleckenstein lays out the easy plan she developed to cool off her own chronic inflammation and reverse her own diabetes diagnosis, as well as that of her patients.

Cool Off Inflammation turn up weight loss!

The Diabetes Cure makes it simple to stop inflammation and turn up weight loss.

Flatten your belly without dieting! You will find delicious recipes and eating tips that guide you into eating more “foods that cool” and less “foods that flame.”

One-minute metabolism cures! You’ll discover healing herbs, teas,
and spices that help reset your metabolism.

NO grueling workouts! Instead, enjoy
gentle movements and everyday activities
that build strength and stamina so the
weight comes off easily and safely.

“Weight loss pills” that grow on trees!
See page 130 of The Diabetes Cure!

Burn off your belly with coconut oil!

Food “Cures” That Can STOP Diabetes!

Discover the power of foods that smother inflammation. Try one of these hearty, meaty, comforting recipes that feature healing herbs and spices:

Stop Fat Cells from Forming with Flank Steak. It cooks in your stove-top skillet in just 8 minutes! Be generous with the black pepper — it contains a natural compound that helps keep new fat cells from forming. Page 241

Lower Your Blood Sugar with Melt-in-Your-Mouth Slow Cooker Pork. The best cut of meat to use — and the ideal blend of delicious, diabetes-fighting spices like cumin — that helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol. Page 246

The Lamb Chop That Helps Stop Inflammation. Pure, simple flavors come through when chops are pan-seared with the anti-inflammatory herb mix of garlic, lemon, olive oil, and rosemary. Page 244

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